Buy pxDoc

pxDoc development environment (SDK) can be installed freely without limitations on the number of installations. License fee is applicable only to the runtime component, which will effectively generate the Word documents.

Contact us to purchase licenses or get more information on our licensing system.

Fixed License

Fixed license is valid for a single computer. 

1.000€ excl. tax per computer

We can update the license key for free in case you need to install the license on another computer.

Floating License

Floating license allow to share a "license token" among all users on you network. 

5.000€ excl. tax per concurrent user

Floating license fee is for a single user at a time: by purchasing several floating licenses, you will enable several concurrent usage of pxDoc

License is validated against pxDoc license server. You can also install a license server on your IT environment for free.


With yearly maintenance contract, you will get access to all major and minor releases of pxDoc.

Yearly maintenance subscription: 20% of the overall license fee